2021 Recap

2021 Recap

In February 2021, Macole, one of the managers here at Beards & Books caught up with Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield to discuss our progress over the past year. Macole highlighted that, at its core, Beards & Books is a holistic programme aiming to increase the representation of BAME groups in education by providing children with greater access to multicultural resources. 

In response to COVID, our ever-growing team of volunteers has been working remotely and, similarly to other organisations, we have been offering online versions of our services, such as online one-to-one and small-group tutoring sessions. Macole explains that the ongoing pandemic threatens to exacerbate existing discrepancies in access to education because some children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may have poor access to online education. For example, these children may find learning online more difficult if the household’s technology is slightly outdated, or if their potential learning time is being limited by having to share hardware with their siblings.

As the interview concludes, Mac reminds listeners that Beards & Books is an initiative for the Sheffield community, which is being driven by volunteers from within the community. However, we are looking to expand into new areas in the future, and are eager to take on skilled volunteers who will be able to help our organisation develop. 

To hear the full interview please click on link below:

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