Beards & Books boasts a huge number of activities for children to get involved in. We have uploaded some of these activities online for you to look through and to have a go at home! Depending on whether it’s an arts and crafts kind of day or you are looking for some new lighthearted educational reading, we have a few things that will definitely tickle your child’s imagination.

Head over to our colour in pages, where you can download and print at home to see your favourite characters come to life! 

Have a look at our top reads for this month. Here you can find a selection of our favourite children’s books. We select books that are good resources for primary infancy learning and exploring. We champion diversity, inclusion and stories from around the world. Every child should have someone that they see represents them.

Check out our Instagram for challenges we put out. Currently, we have the Select 5, Tag 5, Donate 5 challenge. Here’s how it works. Firstly, pick 5 of your favourite children’s books. If you cannot think of 5 favourite books, maybe you could share your child’s current favourites, or sibling’s, niece’s or nephew’s favourite books. Then tag 5 friends to do the same. Finally, if you can, donate £5 to help us reach more children with online educational content, storytelling events and more. Go to our donation page on our website.

We aspire to encourage young people to envision self capability, energise high self-esteem and motivate confidence in oneself. We reflect this social aim in all that we do, from visionary exercises to children stories based on real life experiences around the world, to spark understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion from a young age. Keep an eye out for more content to come!

Useful resources and creative ideas coming soon ….

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