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The Water Princess explores a child’s playful perspective to the universe. nature and more so water.

Through the story we learn the reality that water is not so accessible to Gie and her family. The Water Princess helps us to reflect on how easily we can obtain water in our day to day lives.

We discover without a readily available source of water Gie Gie and her mother have to endure a long  journey to get to the water well.  

Once they arrive at the water well we immediately see how energising water can be, you can hear children giggling, dancing and  women chatting. Water has the power to change moods.  (Think how you feel after a nice shower or bath)

The Water Princess allows the reader to truly appreciate water and ultimately we realise water brings sustenance and happiness to all. 

The story comes to an end through a child’s innocent curiosity of why the journey is so far and why the water is not clear. This question is a great starting point to explore how water travels,where is clean water found, if the water is not clean how is water treated, is clean water a human right,  different types of water found around the world, the different colours of water, the uses of water, is bottled water free and how water wells work.

Look Up!

Our February book of the month is Nathan Bryon’s ‘Look up!’ illustrated by Dapa Adeola. This children’s book is a story of ambition and a child’s desire to see with her own eyes The Phoenix Meteor Shower. Rocket is a young girl in awe of the night sky, she tells the reader fun science facts whilst trying to convince her brother to take her to the park to see the spectacle of stars.

Hip and Hop

Our April  book is “Hip and Hop” by award winning hip-hop artist Akala! Set in the hip-hop world of Blueberry hill, Hop struggles to achieve his dream of riding a bike. Akala’s book explores the theme of friendship as Hip and the cheeky monkeys motivate him to practise his riding. A tale of overcoming obstacles and learning to believe in yourself. With poetic rhymes and vivid artwork bursting with positivity, this is a great book to inspire us to pursue our dreams. “Don’t let anybody tell you no. Focus on your dreams and go!” These colouring sheets are available to download from our website also.

Kiki’s Magic Afro

Our January book of the month is Kiki Magic Afro by Miriam Gay. This book is based around Kiki’s hair. Kiki initially thinks her hair is normal however her peers make her feel like her hair is different. Kiki discovers her hair is different its in fact magic. Kiki loves her magic hair and sets out to show everyone how magic it is.

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