At Beards & Books, we  thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of some of our favourite readings, educational tools and podcasts so that you can discover some new educational pieces for your children, but also for yourself.

Whether your children or yourselves want a bit of extra help, whether its advice or someone to answer your more personal lifestyle questions, hopefully you will find these resources useful for you and your families! We hope that you find some interesting reads and podcasts that aren’t just relatable, but are informative and resourceful.

Independent bookshops we support

Bedtime stories for kids, written by kids.

Fairytale podcast about extraordinary women who inspire us.

For adults and teenagers…

African Writing and Literacy Culture 

Brittle Paper – Explore African Literature

Babes about town, a multiple award nominated family, lifestyle and travel blog aimed at parents with young kids in London and beyond. 

Home – Babes About Town

This blog rests on writing commissions as well as poetry, which tends to focus on origins and identity, often through the lens of motherhood and migration. 

Adele Jarrett-Kerr – Writing and podcasting for compassionate living (

Circus Mums by Tinuke 

Also, find her new website at Tinuke Bernard Home – Tinuke Bernard as well as loads of her previous posts. 

A blog about motherhood. 

Ella’s Mamaa (

A website for independent mothers. 

The Resilient Mum 


The History of Literature: The trial of Phillis Wheatley.

Interviews with people who were there at the key moments in black and civil rights history.

“Mixed Up”- A podcast for mixed race people everywhere. 

These podcasts review films of black lead actors and discuss them in the context of Hollywood’s race problem.

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