Supporting Beards & Books means that you will be doing something to ensure that children gain new experiences in education, exposing them to new opportunities and motivations. Our aim is to ensure that there are more BAME tutors and authors that children can have access to, without the financial burden on families. Your partnership will help us carry out our educational mission and overcome barriers in BAME representation, thus bring more relatable and engaging education for children of the BAME community. There are many ways for your company to support us:

Regular money donations provide Beards & Books with a stable income, guaranteeing we have the means to maintain a stable and constant support to as many children as possible. Extra financial resources means that we can continuously expand the services we offer, ensuring the best opportunities for every child.

Fundraise for us and we will help you every step of the way. Our fundraising team will help you support your efforts, in planning, supervising and being an extra pair of hands. Fundraising does not just provide financial support for our charity, but it also helps to spread the word of who we are and what we do, promoting our social aims to a wider audience.

  • Your company will also gain benefits
Build your teams around positive actions and positive thinking and boost loyalty and motivation amongst your employees. Build a reputation as a brand financially and socially engaged. Rewarding children with the education to ensure better employability skills.