Supporting Beards & Books means that you will be doing something to ensure that children gain new experiences in education, exposing them to new opportunities and motivations. Our aim is to ensure that there are more BAME tutors and authors that children can have access to, without the financial burden on families. Your partnership will help us carry out our educational mission and overcome barriers in BAME representation, thus bring more relatable and engaging education for children of the BAME community. 

Why support us & benefits to your company?

  • Improve your company’s engagement with local communities and reach our audience 
  • Increased employee engagement, morale and satisfaction
  • Attracts talent and investors to your company
  • Making a difference in your local community and giving back to people less fortunate

There are many ways for your company to support us:

Matching gift programmes:

Another way to support us is through matching gift programmes. This involves supporting the fundraising efforts of your employees by matching their donations pound for pound, or at a ratio of your choice. The money raised by your employees is then increased and gifted to Beards & Books to help fund our services. This really makes a difference to what we are able to achieve, and can help to increase employee morale in supporting companies, as your staff get to see their efforts multiplied.

Volunteering time/Donations in time:

Can you and your employees offer professional support through pro bono work and voluntary time to support our mission? Some companies do this by offering a number of hours a month or an extra day of annual leave a year per employee to use for voluntary work. This benefits all parties involved as it helps out Beards & Books, benefits your company reputation, and allows your employees to feel like they are making a difference. We are always on the lookout for skilled people who can provide support, whether this is in web development, financial advice or any number of things. If your business provides a service, or your employees have particular skills that you think could be of help to us, please get in touch.

Resource donations/gifts in kind:

At Beards & Books we are welcoming of all different types of donation in order to help us to provide the essential services we provide to many young people – you can get involved by donating and gifting essential resources. Donations and gifts of this kind are essential to ensure we continue our work and also mean you know exactly what resources your help has provided. For example, if you’re a particularly avid reader or you think there is a book which really aligns to our message, you can donate copies to our organisation. If you’re interested in providing resource donations and would like some suggestions, please reach out via email or social media.

Tips for Fundraising from Virtually:

If you’re looking to host fundraising activities from home, there are loads of fun ideas to try. Why not try a pub quiz night with your team over Zoom or Google Meets? Or possibly a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cake) virtual coffee morning in honour of Beards & Books? You can also try things such as raffles, guess the name/number of sweets style games or different challenges to have some fun and help out. Particularly in current times, virtual fundraising from home is a great way to bring some fun into your work day and make a difference at the same time.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Your company can also get involved with Beards & Books by way of sponsorship. There are many ways to do this, whether you’d prefer to sponsor one of our events or our storytime sessions, or perhaps provide funding for the 1-on-1 mentoring and tutoring sessions we provide across various different subjects. We also welcome sponsorship for the purchase of specific resources such as books or computers, or funding for our book subscription boxes. To enquire about sponsoring resources or events, please get in touch via our email address listed at the bottom of the page or through social media.