Frequently Asked Questions

Beards & Books is a social enterprise that approaches learning from a dynamic angle. We use our creativity to adapt to different learning styles, and we include positive life skills, such as healthy nutrition, culinary skills, meditation, literature and critical thinking, into our curriculum.

Yes, one of our core strength lies in providing mentorship to children that require much needed support.  You can find out more about our tuition and mentoring at our tuition page.

Mentoring can play a vital role in supporting the learning and development of a child, so it is important that the right mentor is chosen to provide the best opportunity to each individual. At Beards & Books, each of our mentors has their own mentor profile, with their skills and areas of expertise, and what style of support they offer.  From this profile, the most suitable mentor will be chosen for the prospective mentee, and they will be paired up depending on which mentor best suits each child’s needs.  The prospective mentee’s needs are determined based on the information provided on our Book a Mentor form, where you will be asked to provide details on the type of mentoring the child requires, including group or individual mentoring, regularity and timeframe of sessions, education age of the child, as well as any specific mentoring needs. This ensures we are able to give each child the support and attention they fully deserve, and provides the best opportunity for growth.

Our mentors and tutors go through our in house internal training to ensure they are fully equipped to provide the best possible support for the children they work with, whether that is through academic tutoring or mentorship. They are guided on how best to support the children they work with and how to tailor their approach individually to each person.  Many of our tutors also have formal teaching or tutoring experience through external companies or their work outside of Beards & Books.

We provide tuition for children across a range of ages, from Key Stage 1 all the way up to A-Level (ages 6-18). This may vary by subject area but generally all ages are welcome. Head on over to our subject specific tuition pages for further details. 

Beards & Books are very eager to get back out into the community and resume the Storytime workshops and other events that we have been unable to share with you all over the last year.  We do not currently have a set date for the next storytime workshop, but we can confirm that sessions will resume only when we are sure it is safe to do so. This will be dependent on government advice and restrictions regarding the Covid-19 situation in the local area. 

In addition to the content available on the Activities section of the website, Beards & Books are also able to create bespoke educational content at the request of an individual school, parent or caregiver. 

We create this content based on the information provided to us at the point of request and then share this directly with the requestor for them to use as needed. This can be in the form of downloadable workshops, PowerPoint presentations and printable worksheets, all in line with school curriculums but offering a new angle to help children engage more in their education.  If you are interested in requesting bespoke content for your child or school, or would like to find out more about and have access to content we have already produced, please get in touch via the details included in our Contact Us page.

The team at Beards & Books have been working hard for the last few months on getting our book boxes ready, to ensure that they are of the highest quality and provide the best experiences for each child. We are hopeful that we will be in a position to open subscriptions for these boxes and get started on sending these out to you towards the end of this year. 

In the meantime, you can register your interest in receiving a Beards & Books subscription box by heading over to our Book Box Subscription page. Here you can also find out more information about what will be included in each box, as well as further information on the different levels of pricing and subscription costs as soon as this is finalised.

  • Tuition is currently available through our tuition service for the following subjects: 
    • English
    • Maths
    • Business Studies
    • Computer Science & IT
    • Mandarin (Language Studies)

Our tuition services are dependent on demand and we are always looking to expand our services if there is interest to do so. The tutors who provide these services do so on a volunteer basis and so the subjects we are able to provide are also dependent on what our volunteers can support, but we are always accepting of new volunteers in different subjects. If there is a particular subject you would be interested in receiving tutoring for your child/children, please get in touch via the information on our Contact Us page and we will try to accommodate your request wherever possible.

The mentorship programme is flexible to suit your needs – we understand that each individual will require different levels of support and so we can be adaptable based on each child’s situation. Mentors will provide support for their mentee as long as they are needed and the time frame for the programme can be reduced or extended as and when required. 


On our Mentoring page you can find the ‘Book a mentor’ form, which will ask you to provide information regarding the mentoring requirements, including type, preferred regularity, timing and educational level.