Why do an internship?

An internship is an opportunity to gain work experience in a professional environment which allows young people, students, graduates or unemployed people to expand their practical skillset. 

Completing an internship gives an individual the chance to experiment a potential career path before they make a long term commitment. Internships will also boost your overall employability because you will have the chance to develop soft skills and apply your knowledge to real-life organisational situations.

Why choose to do an internship with Beards & Books?

We provide full training and support which will give you all of the tools you will require to succeed in a real working environment. 
We offer continuous coaching and feedback sessions in order to improve your performance and productivity.
We train individuals to use industry specific software.
Our internship programme is based on developing well rounded candidates who are prepared for future employment.
We offer coaching in developing interview skills and setting career goals.
Upon the completion of an internship with Beards & Books, you will be eligible to receive a reference and certificate  

What types of internships do we offer?

Beards & Books currently offer a number of internships including but not limited to financial management, social media management, website development, marketing management and media communications and writing.