What can Beards & Books offer?

In response to the surge in home schooling, Beards & Books produces and distributes bespoke educational books and services. Our aim is to integrate multicultural learning into the lives of children, focusing on those who often come from working-class families. This means that children find more relatable content and can associate themselves more deeply with the educational tools that are offered to them. In this way, we operate by basing our educational content on real life stories, giving realistic visions in a way that is suitable for primary infants.

Furthermore, our educational content is in line with school curriculums, helping children bolster their maths, English and critical thinking skills, with a focus on topics that children can really relate to. With this in mind, we want to encourage a new angle of learning such as the endorsement of independent thinking and thought, whilst following a systematic approach. Children therefore recognise the layout of our content, but can be further drawn to new insights through a philosophical lens.

Reinvesting back in our community is of vital importance to us. We want to offer educational content to those who may have barriers to extra educational facilities. The content is made to speak to children that come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, that is relatable to their environments. From maths exercises that are shaped around athletes and sports figures, to African history and language taught in context of the Black Panther film. Beards & Books aims to further children’s learning by finding an angle that they will understand and engage with most. We would also like to focus on challenges they face in their communities, providing skills for the future and ensuring their inclusion in their education.


What will the content be?

The content which you can expect will be in the form of downloadable, workshops, PowerPoints and printables. Our target audience is parents and teachers. These resources will be useful in integrating into both home and classroom environments. These resources take the work out of searching for them, and provide easy and efficient access to inclusive and relatable content. However, in ensuring accessibility, everyone can have access to them. This will aid anyone interested in education and inclusion to benefit from the content.

Below are some educational printable sheets on the Black Panther: a 2018 Marvel film about a superhero…

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