Online safety for parents and students
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Online safety for parents and students

To all the parents and young people accessing this website on their computers.  I would like us to take a moment to stop and realise what is happening as we witness this wonderful transaction of information via a blog, exchange between human and a machine.  It is truly remarkable to witness the sheer speed of knowledge being distributed and observed by us without having to turn pages or look for a light.  Technically speaking we have come a long way from having computers as big as a house for mere calculations and now we wear it in our wrists, extraordinary!

 Comparatively fifty years ago humans landed on the moon with technology that was inferior to today’s handheld technology.  While the argument about correct use of modern technology is a debate for another day, today in this blog we focus on the modern technology and its ability to help safely educate ourselves and our children.  This website is part of an organisation, Beards and Books, that has beautifully put together modern technologies to help children succeed academically, the team has worked on adding extraordinary features to help encourage children become successful readers, among others.

Use of technology for effective communication and education is vital if we are to keep up, I feel obliged to inform and create awareness among user about few basic things to keep in mind while making the most of modern technology.  First and foremost, at the time of writing, we need to realise that computers while helpful, can never replace a human presence.  Care and education of children has been made easy thanks to technologies oriented towards children’s care but majority responsibilities require a human touch.  During recent analysis it was reconfirmed that computers are not advanced enough to replace educators [1].  It can be used to provide education in an effective manner, yes, but it has limitations.  The advice in general is to not rely on technology wholly but use it as an effective medium to gather knowledge from an educator. 

Next time while accessing content from a computer/mobile/IoT, take time to reflect on where information is coming from and why it has reached you, registered organisations such as Beards and Books have a long-standing commitment in education, content provided by the organisation and its communication channels go through strict assessment.  As a rule of thumb, it is important to apply Ten second rule while stumbling upon new content in the internet, the ten seconds will let you ask/answer three questions;

How to quickly filter internet at our home?

  1. Why am I viewing this?
  2. Why has this information reached me?
  3. Who provides this information?

This also helps protect you from cyber bullies, among others. Children today are getting smarter and astonishingly quick learners mastering technologies in just few moments and it’s only fair that we protect them online by taking a moment to monitor them in the digital maze.

“Can computers ever replace the classroom?”, the Guardian, 2021. [Online]. Available:

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