Beards & Books prides itself on our educational services, designed to better numeracy and literacy skills with higher representation of BAME tutors and authors. Our services are interactive and enganging, offering children new experiences that still follow the school syllabus. 

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to access online educational content to support learning and be encouraged to read. Check out our online educational page for more information and to check out some of the downloadable educational sheets we have created.

Furthermore, we want to help give working-class families the opportunity to have mentoring for their children where there have previously been financial barriers to do so. Check out our mentoring page for more information!

We also offer our new book subscription boxes that are designed to target teachers and parents. This service will not run on any ‘fixed’ contract, so they are only sent out whenever you ask for them! We hope to fill these with our favourite books each month, as well as some treats from around the world, to expose younger children to different cuisines. For more information, check out our book subscription boxes page!