At Beards & Books, we take pride in offering high-quality and inclusive educational services that are designed to better numeracy and literacy skills. Our services are interactive and engaging, offering children new experiences that still follow the school syllabus.  

For schools, we offer a wide range of services, such as mentoring, subscription boxes, storytelling, and online educational content.  

Please see below for more information on any of these services. 


No student should miss out on a classroom education or start to fall behind because they need additional support.  

Factors such as financial hardship should not stand in the way of a student’s right to their education. As well as supporting those who need extra help, we aim to aid working-class or financially struggling families. We seek to eliminate barriers to their children’s education by providing mentoring to those struggling. 

We can give your students the one-on-one support they need, both lowering your suspension rates and addressing any challenges they may be facing.  

We offer personalised mentoring services to secondary schools to help integrate disruptive students who are displaying challenging behaviour and those needing additional support back into the classroom with their peers.  

We offer counselling as part of our service, and strive to build a student’s confidence to encourage them to make the most of getting the education that they deserve.  

We can organise our mentoring sessions during school hours and have the capability to flex to work around students’ timetables. This way, our services seamlessly integrate with their school life and commitments, while working to keep them onsite. If necessary, we can also provide alternative offsite facilities for these sessions. 


For secondary schools, we offer tuition in core subjects, such as Mathematics and English, as well as Business, ICT, Computer Studies, and Physical Education (P.E.).

Our first-class, highly-trained tutors are experienced in delivering bespoke training plans to meet students’ individual needs. As part of tuition, they track, diagnose, and evaluate a student’s progress to address areas for improvement, building on these throughout the sessions.

Our tutors can help prepare for SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels, giving students the very best opportunity to succeed in their examinations and maximising their potential. We can also hold these sessions either one-on-one, in pairs, or in groups.

Take a look at our Tuition page to find out more about what we offer, and to meet our tutors.

Subscription Boxes 

Children need to engage with characters that look like them. To feel seen, represented, valued.  

Our new book subscription boxes, available for purchase by both teachers and parents, are packed with culturally-inclusive books and treats from around the world, featuring books from BAME authors. These boxes are an affordable way for you to get ahold of the best and most diverse books on the market (rated by our specialist reviewers) and have these delivered straight to your door.  

We can not only tailor the content depending on whether you are a teacher or a parent, but can create boxes to supplement learning, with boxes focused on mathematics, for example.  

With three price ranges available, this service does not run on any ‘fixed’ contract and boxes are sent out as and when you want them. For more information on our subscription boxes take a look at our Book Subscription Boxes page. 


Stories are a way for children to explore and learn about the world around them.  

Storytelling works to help develop an understanding of different cultures and ways of living, to encourage empathy with unfamiliar character types, and teach life lessons. This learning takes place in a relaxed and fun setting, encouraging children to learn while they enjoy themselves.  

At Beards and Books, through our storytelling service, we bring the energy, the fun, the equipment, and above all, the unique learning experience.  

We’re remote, can travel to you, and bring with us all the equipment we need. So as a teacher you can sit back and let us take the class for a while, with the confidence that your children are in the best hands. 

What makes us unique is that we specialise in African and Caribbean storytelling and folklore, bringing in diverse and inclusive stories for all, representing a range of different backgrounds and cultures. This engages children to develop empathy and familiarity with a more diverse range of cultures and ways of living. 

We can deliver to small groups, classrooms or assemblies, and can tailor packages to any size you may require.  

Please see our Storytime page for further information. 

Online Educational content

All students deserve access to educational content that’s right for them and supports their learning in a fun and engaging way.  

We provide downloadable content such as workshops, Powerpoints, and printables, that is in-line with the school’s curriculum and are designed to best support a student’s learning.  

Our content strives not only to educate, but to encourage independent thinking and learning, sharpening their analytical skills while also teaching the basics. 

Please see our Online Educational Content page for more information and to check out some of the downloadable educational sheets we have created.