Your donation will help us to provide education and support for young people of all backgrounds. This can be through pastoral services such as mentoring and storytime sessions, or through the educational support we provide, such as tutoring and online educational documents.


Every donation helps us to reach more children and provide more support for a diverse education. No amount is too little, your support is very much appreciated. 


Follow the link below to donate.

Fundraising is important to ensure that we can further our social aims and carry on helping others by giving back to the community. Importantly, fundraising activities are incredibly important for us to spread the word of what we do. Increasing our audience is just as important as raising money so that we can reach as many people as we can. We want everyone to see what we offer, to help others receive educational services for their children where they may have not financially been able to afford and to recognise the importance (and opportunity) to involve more multicultural books into schools.

At Beards & Books, we help you, help us! Our fundraising team will support you every step of the way. You will receive one-on-one support for whatever activity you choose to pursue! 




If you are looking for other ways to help, there are some small acts of kindness that will go a long way in helping spread awareness of Beards & Books.

Follow and share our social media accounts. Interact with any posts we upload, stories we share and any Live’s we run.

Speak about our services to nurseries, schools and families, that may be interested in our services. Talking about what we do with your friends and family will help boost awareness of Beards & Books, allowing our services to reach more children who could benefit from what we have to offer. Word of mouth goes a long way. It is an important way our community can aid in building our business.

If you have any particular skills that you want to improve? Head over to the volunteering section of the website. We thrive on helping volunteers personal development with no fixed job type or role, so we can ensure flexibility for those who help us.