Partner with us

For Beards & Books, partnerships involve solving a problem together and doing something beneficial to create new experiences for children, expanding our social aims with like-minded people. Partnerships are essential to sustainability and in leveraging the community to participate in sharing these multicultural experiences for children. We would love to work with companies who share our aims and beliefs and aid our desire to expand our services to others to progress further in our educational mission. There are many ways for your company to support us:

  • Marketing Partnership

By linking your product with Beards & Books, you create a positive awareness of your brand amongst your customers, thus building client loyalty. It will also help us reaching more people and guaranteeing we can keep on supporting children in need of our services.

  • Event organisation

Help us organise educational and original events for the children and show your involvement with the community you are relying on.

  • Volunteering

Give us some of your time and skills to help us support schools and families by providing educational and fun content for the children. 

  • Fundraise on our behalf

Fundraise for us and we will help support your efforts, in planning, supervising and being an extra pair of hands.

  • Donate money

Regular money donations provide Beards & Books with a stable income, guaranteeing we have the means to maintain a stable and constant support to as many children as possible. 

Partnering with us provides benefits for your company too:

  • Link your brand with positive actions, reaching communities in need
  • Help children who will grow up relying on the skills we support and encourage them to develop
  • Build your teams around positive actions and positive thinking and boost loyalty and motivation amongst your employees
  • Build a reputation as a brand financially and socially engaged
  • Reach new audiences, bond with them by volunteering and participating in our fundraising events