Why Should you hire a tutor?

In the typical UK school, a class of 30 students must compete for the attention of 1 teacher.

Consequently, teachers are unable to dedicate all of their attention to any individual pupil, which lowers the overall quality of teaching available to each child. Hiring a tutor will allow your child to receive the undivided attention of an educational professional trained with the ability to adapt their teaching style to the needs of each particular student. 

Classroom time stealers

Why Choose Beards & Books ?

School protocol often eats into valuable learning time, registers which need to be taken, teacher announcements, handing out worksheets and managing classroom behaviour steal time spent learning so a usual hour lesson is really worth around 45 minutes of learning time. Hiring a tutor means that, from start to finish, students gain the advantage of more learning time which will encourage them to retain information and improve their ability to focus in a one-on-one focus without any other classroom distractions.

As tutors our job is to track, diagnose, and evaluate progress so that we can address areas where any student requires more practice. Our mission is to ensure that students achieve their target grades and maximise their true potential, whilst ensuring that parents have a clear understanding of their child’s academic progress through monthly reports. 

Our tutors are all DBS checked and trained to ensure students are safeguarded, and so that they can deliver the highest possible standard of tuition. At Beards & Books we form real connections with pupils to understand their aspirations and interests to make our tuition experience optimised for each individual student. 

At Beards & Books we can also offer advice on navigating the UK educational system as many of our students are graduates from some of the UK’s top universities.