About Volunteering

At Beards & Books, we hope to tailor your volunteering experience to you. We are a majority volunteer led organisation. We are appreciative of all the work our volunteers do to help us to reach our aims. We pride ourselves in the flexibility and freedom of the role, where you are not limited to one area or set shifts. You can identify what skills you can provide to Beards & Books and also, what skills you would like to gain through volunteering. This sets us apart from other volunteering organisations, and ensures you get the most out of your volunteering experience.

Volunteering with Beards & Books contributes to the organisation’s social aims. You would be volunteering in an organisation, whose aim is to make an impact in both Black and ethnic minority communities, but also lower socioeconomic environments. As a volunteer, you would be contributing directly to work we aim to do, helping us achieve these through aiding with admin work, the creation of posters and social media content, filling out applications and much more.

Volunteering not only has benefits for ourselves as an organisation, it will also provide you as an individual a number of benefits too. Volunteering boosts CVs with demonstrable work experience, increases employability, opens doors to new opportunities and it provides a chance to meet and work with new people.