Ways you and your family can enjoy World Book Day together.

Ways you and your family can enjoy World Book Day together.

This year World Book Day is being held on Thursday 3rd March 2022. The theme this year is “You Are a Reader”, with a focus on reaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator for success in life, more so than family circumstances, educational background, or income, which is why it is so vital not only on World Book Day but all year round to encourage your child to read and find fun ways of getting them engaged in reading. This year is the 25th year anniversary of World Book Day began and there are lots of exciting ways to celebrate and get involved. This blog will give you some ideas and ways that you and your family can get involved.

The World Book Day approach is based on research that says that there are 6 elements to supporting a child to read for pleasure: 

  1. Being read to regularly 
  2. Having books at home and school
  3. Having a choice in what to read 
  4. Finding time to read 
  5. Having trusted help to find a book
  6. Making reading FUN!

All the work World Book Day does is designed to support one of these areas.

£1/€1.50 Books

This year there is a fantastic selection of new and exclusive books for £1/€1.50 that children and young people can get for free with their £1/€1.50 book token. You and your child could go out for the day to find your local bookseller and get one of the great books available.

To find your local bookseller follow this link: https://www.booksellers.org.uk/wbd

The books available are arranged into levels of reading: Beginning, Early, Fluent, and Independent.  

Some of the books available are: 

  • Rocket Rules: Ten Little Ways to Think Big (Nathan Bryon & Dapo Adeola)

  • The Worst Class in the World in Danger! (Joanna Nadin & Rikin Parekh)

  • PEAK PERIL: A High-rise Mystery (Sharna Jackson)

  • The Last Word (Ben Bailey Smith) 

And many more…


Live Digital Events 

The live events are held through the World Book Days youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldBookDayUK) and on their website. They are not formal activities so you can just sit back and enjoy the opportunity of getting to know the authors of some of the £1 books on sale this year.

All the events are being recorded and will be available to watch after they have taken place. 

World Book Day Live with Matilda and friends 

This event is being live-streamed from The Cambridge Theatre. Not only is there an exciting lineup of authors, but there will also be live-drawing throughout from Chris Riddell AND a live performance from the cast of Matilda!

  • 28/02/2022
  • 11:00am
  • Suitable for emerging independent readers (aged 6+ approx)
  • 1 hour


Reality check: Books as a portal into life today

Students will learn from some of the authors about creating realistic fiction or writing non-fiction on topical issues

  • 02/03/2022
  • 11:30am
  • Suitable for fluent independent readers (aged 8+ approx)
  • 40 mins


Using your imagination: Books as a way to imagine the impossible

Students will explore creating fantastical and improbable worlds for their stories. 

  • 03/03/2022
  • 10:00am
  • Suitable for emerging to fluent readers (aged 6-11 approx)
  • 40 mins


Dressing up

World Book Day is about giving children the opportunity to talk about what they are reading, and dressing up is a great way of encouraging this. 

Spending time with your child discussing what character they would like to dress up makes sure they will be engaged with the day and they can talk confidently about the character.

For some ideas of costume ideas follow this link: https://www.worldbookday.com/dressing-up-ideas/


World of Stories – Free audiobooks

This year there is a brand new set of free audiobooks available until 31st March 2022. As a family, you could listen and enjoy these together. These are split into levels: beginning, early, fluent and independent reader. 

Some of the audiobooks available are: 

  • Ten Little Pirates (Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty)

  • Manju’s Magic Muddle: A Bloomsbury Young Reader (Chitra Soundar)

  • Mbappe (Ultimate Football Heroes – the No.1 football series)  (Matt and Tom Oldfield) 

  • My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual (Neeta Oza)

And many more… 

Bookworms game

There are two versions of the Reading Stars Game, one for younger (4+) and one for older (8+) bookworms. Both versions of the game are created to encourage reading at home and it will give you and your child exciting ways you can share stories – not just at bedtime. You can both tick off a Reading Star once you have completed one of the reading tasks, this allows you to maintain a habit of reading with your child. 

Enjoy your World Book Day!

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